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About SVL

Spokane Valley Licensing, Inc. has been serving Spokane County since 1983. We are a private business providing vehicle and vessel licensing services on behalf of the County and the State.

There is a nominal service fee that is added to the state and county fees for most services. The fee is regulated by the State Legislature and is the same for all subagents statewide.

Services offered at Spokane Valley Licensing, Inc.:
  • Internet mail-out service. Your renewal will be mailed within
    24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

  • Express Internet renewal pickup. A “No Wait” window for Internet
    renewal pick up.

  • Dealer window for priority service and private dealer phone line.

  • Dealer & fleet pick-up and delivery service; 24-hour processing time, excluding weekends and holidays. Also, a Dealer Licensing Clerk training class is available at our facility or yours.

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